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Fountain Care

Use and Care of Garden Fountains


Garden and Wall Fountains in freezing climates

Winter care information for cast stone garden fountains and birdbaths: Protect your fountain from freeze-thaw cycles. Cast Stone fountain bowls/tops and other fountain components, which collect water, should not be left outside in the winter since any component, which fills with water and freezes may crack. Likewise components such as pedestals, which remain in a basin, filled with water, which then freezes, may also crack or crumble. Ideally, therefore, a fountain should always be stored indoors or in a dry protected place such as a covered porch away from the elements.

However, if a fountain must be left outside:

  • Remove pump, rubber stoppers, drainpipes, finials, and other small components for storage indoors. Note that stoppers or drainpipes are removed to allow drainage in the event water accumulates in any basin.

  • It is suggested that you raise fountain base from ground with wood strips so that base will not freeze to the ground surface.

  • We suggest covering your cast stone fountain with a Fountain Cover or other absorbent material (old blanket or towel) and then cover securely with plastic, making sure that water will not accumulate in the basin or other fountain component and freeze

  • We suggest you check the fountain periodically to insure that plastic is secure and water is not accumulating in any fountain component.All concrete, including cast stone concrete, is slightly porous, which allows small amounts of moisture to absorb into the fountain. If this moisture freezes, it can cause small cracks or chips. The fountain may be left in severe freezing weather, provided it is dry. It is recommended that the pump be brought indoors during periods of freezing weather.




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    Winter care information for wall fountains

    Maintenance of Garden and Wall Fountains

    Our garden fountains are made from the highest quality cast stone concrete. They are designed and engineered for maximum beauty and utility. A small amount of regular maintenance will allow you to enjoy your fountain for many years. Most importantly, keep your fountain free of debris. Small leaves, twigs, etc. can clog the fountain pump and tubing. Simply remove the easily accessed pump, and flush with a garden hose. Frequency depends on your situation; if your fountain is beneath trees with frequently falling leaves, you may need to clean out your fountain more frequently.











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